Online platform on spatial development with new indicators

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ILS-Monitoring of city regions with new functions
Data and indicators for commuting, walkability and green areas

The web page offers new possibilities to interactively analyse and visualize trends of spatial development based on selected indicators. From now on users can work with data on commuting, walkability and green area provision in 33 German city regions and their commutersheds. ILS – Research Institute of Urban and Regional Development publishes the data from its monitoring programme on citry regions.

New indicators are available for the topic group on mobility. Indicators on the development of commuters and commuting times show a ranking of commuting patterns for different types in the ILS city regions between 2002 and 2017. The indicator walkability offers new map-based interactive visualizations and charts for the pedestrian-friendliness of urban structures and accessibilities of amenities and facilities in the neighbourhood.

Under the topic group land use we now have green area provision per capita in three different scenarios (total vegetation incl. agriculture, green open space (without agriculture but including forests and meadows) and public parks and green recreational areas. This data allows a detailed inspection of green area provision in m² per capita according to urban planning guidelines. Comparisos can be made between core cities, the surrounding commutershed and the total area for all 33 city regions.

Coordination and management: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Fina, ILS, e-Mail: