WebGIS on the provision of city green in Germany now online

WebGIS urban green Copyright: © fina

The geomonitoring section at ILS Dortmund, headed by the Professorship Analysis and Monitoring of urban Regions at RWTH Aachen University, publishes a new WebGIS for urban green provision in German cities and towns.

Urban green is becoming an increasingly valued ressource, especially in times of pandemics where people use neighborhood ressources more intensively. Statistical analysis suggests that city green has increased over the last years, but more detailed analysis shows that this conclusion is perhaps not of much value to the general public. Urban green needs to be differentiated by its function, e.g. in terms of public access and recreational value.

In this context, the new WebGIS-Application provides a more detailed information for each city and agglomeration in Germany, based on official data that allow to differentiate between categories of urban green.