Bridging the gap - creating equal living conditions

  German-Greek Annual Conference 2019 Copyright: © German-Greek Association

Workshop discussion by Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation

Bridging the gap - creating equal living conditions was the motto of a workshop dialogue at the 9th annual conference of the German-Greek Association on 7 November 2019 at the Erding Town Hall. Numerous mayors and representatives of Greek and German municipalties were addressed in the workshop.

The main question was if unequal living conditions threaten social cohesion and medium term also the building blocks of democracy of our political systems. Germany and Greece are both affected by growing disparities: In Germany, despite considerable growth, the social divide between poorer and wealthier regions has widened recently. In Greece, the economic crisis existing has severely increased unequal living conditions. Similar developments, although with different political and economic framing conditions. Are these trends in both countries subject to similar causes? What strategies can be developed to counteract, which activities can local government contribute? And where can German and Greek communities learn from each other?

Prof. Stefan Fina discussed these questions with experts on socio-economic disparities of both countries.